My Hijab is my Pride | حجابي افتخاري | The Harmony Band | Official Music Video

My Hijab is my Pride | حجابي افتخاري | The Harmony Band | Official Music Video

Lyrics by Rami Treiki
Composed and Arranged by Karim Massaad
Performed by The Harmony Band

حجابي افتخاري ~ وتاجُ الوقارِ
فلو عشتُ ألفًا ~ سيبقى اختياري
لماذا؟ لِحُبّي ~ وَطَوعي لِرَبّي
فَصِدقُ المُحِبِّ ~ بِحُسنِ ائتمارِ

إلٰهي حَباني ~ بديني أماني
ضِيًا في زمانِ ~ بِهِ الوَأْدُ ساري
فَمِنْ جَوْرِ حُمْقِ ~ حَمى كُلَّ حَقّي
وأوصى بِرِفْقِ ~ بِنا لا ضِرارِ

يا غارقًا بِشَقا ~ دَعْ قَفْوَ مَنْ حمِقَ
هذا الحجابُ بِهِ ~ دَربُ النِّسا ائتَلَقَ
تاجُ الأنوثةِ ذا ~ أَقُلْتَ قد سَرَقَ
منها الأناقةَ..؟! لا ~ بَلْ زادَها أَلَقَا

أَيا لائِمي لا ~ تَزِدنا عَويلا
فَلا لَنْ أميلَ ~ حِجابي قراري
فما حَدَّ عِلْما ~ وشُغلًا وَفَهْما
بَلِ العيشُ أسمى ~ بِهِ يا مُماري

حَضَارَةُ طٰهَ ~ سَمَتْ ما عَلاها
سُمُوًّا سِواها ~ كشمسِ النّهارِ
فَلَوْ قَلَّ فيها ~ غدًا سالكوها
ألا فاقتفوها ~ لِنَيلِ الفخارِ

ما بالُ قَلبكِ يا ~ أُختاهُ قد غَرِقَ
إبليسُ ضلَّلَهُ ~ وَتَاجَهُ زَلَقَ
أغراكِ كَيْ تَطَئي العِصيانَ بَعدَ تُقى
“حُرِّيَّةٌ وَعُلًا..؟!” ~ بَلْ ذي دُروبُ شَقا

My Ḥijāb is my pride – A crown of dignity

Even if I lived beyond a thousand years – It shall remain my choice

Why? Due to my love – and obedience to my Lord

The truthfulness of the lover – manifests through righteous obedience

My Lord granted me safety – through my religion

He granted illumination – in a time of great calamities

He protected my rights – from injustice

He instructed that we be treated – with kindness, not harm

O you who are drowning in misguidance – abandon the path of foolishness

By this Ḥajāb – The paths of women radiate

This is the corn for female – So you cannot claim it takes away their elegance

Ні! It has not – Instead, it has increased their grace

O who you blame me – Put an end to your cries of misguidance

I shall never part with it – My Ḥijāb is my personal decision

It has not diminished my knowledge, – Profession or understanding

My life gains more honour – With it, O evil-doer!

The civilisation brought forth by Ṭāhā – Surpasses all other [invalid] civilisations

It is higher [than others] in rank – Like the midday sun

Even if those who follow it – Decrease tomorrow

You ought to follow it – To attain honour

O sister, what is the matter – Has your heart been drowned?

Iblīs led it to misguidance – And made you take off the Ḥijāb

He deceived you – And made you fall into sin, after piety

Claiming that it is freedom and dignity – Rather it is the path of deviance

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