About us

A muslim woman has always been a mystery for European society. However, we have been seeing modest ladies wearing scarfs more often during recent years. We meet them both in big cities and small towns and there are not only Eastern women among them. Who is she – a muslim woman? Why is she wearing hijab? What is her life about?

Ukrainian Muslim Women Association took a responsibility to introduce an image of women in Islam in order to go away from the incorrect image of her and muslim world as well.

We united women on the way to social prosperity. One of the Association priority tasks is setting a dialogue between representatives of different cultures for building a strong and united multicultural society and strengthening it.

We are determined to develop professional, creative, scientific, legal, social, economic and other women’s interests.

The main purpose of activities of Ukrainian Muslim Women Association is protecting rights of muslim women, developing a family institution and traditional values.

We do believe that the main Power is in unity. Together we will be able to break stereotypes and lay the foundation for a healthy and prosperous society.