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Hijab Day 2023

Hijab Day 2023.

01.31.2023 Videos

My Hijab is my Pride
My Hijab is my Pride | حجابي افتخاري | The Harmony Band | Official Music Video

My Hijab is my Pride. Lyrics by Rami Treiki. Composed and Arranged by Karim Massaad. Performed by The Harmony Band

02.06.2022 Videos

Kiev Muslim women studied the traditions of Vainakh cuisine

On March 4, a master class of Chechen cuisine from the culinary inspirer of the All-Ukrainian Muslim Association Maryam Kurbanova was held in Kiev.

03.05.2020 News

Hijab is… Part 3

Hijab does not humiliate a woman, does not fetter her life and does not deprive her of colors. Activists of the Ukrainian Muslim Women Association conduct actions around the country to demonstrate this and correct wrong stereotypes.

10.01.2019 Videos

Maryam Kurbanova on the First Business Channel

An activist of the Ukrainian Muslim Women Association, author of the column “Cooking with Bismillah” on the UMWA portal, food blogger Maryam Kurbanova became a guest on the morning program of the First Business TV channel.

09.01.2019 Videos

UMWA organized a meeting with women who are struggling with oncology. Kyiv – 2019

Muslim women in Kyiv organized a meeting for women who are struggling with oncology to support them.

07.24.2019 News

центр реабилитации детей
Ukrainian Muslim Women Association expands the geography of assistance to children

On July 6, activists of the All-Ukrainian Association of Muslim Women organized a trip to the Nezhinsky Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children.

07.12.2019 News

Solemn female iftar in Odessa. Ramadan – 2019

The Odessa branch of UMWA organized a women’s solemn event and a fasting dinner in honor of the month of Ramadan.

05.20.2019 Videos

News of Kremenchuk. Ramadan began with a vivid action from UMWA.

Muslims of Kremenchuk have attracted public attention to the main month in Islam – Ramadan, and have shown the true culture of Muslims.

05.09.2019 Videos

An action in honor of the beginning of Ramadan from UMWA

Muslims of Kremenchug organized an action in honor of the start of Ramadan. The girls handed out bright balloons and told the citizens about the traditions of Islam, about the features of this blessed month and the beauty of religion. Similar actions were also held in other branches of UMWA.

05.08.2019 Videos

Muslim Women Had Training “Self-Realization Without Prejudice To Family” In Odessa

On January 27, activists of the Odessa branch of  All-Ukrainian Muslim Women Association organized a training lecture on the subject “Self-realization without detriment to the family.” The lecturer was famous sister blogger Asiya Akbaba. She spoke about women’s time management and the ability to have insta-business. This type of income is an optimal opportunity for […]

01.28.2019 News

UMWA Visited An Orphanage Near Kiev

On January 21, the All-Ukrainian Muslim Women Association visited specialized children`s home in the city of Belaya Tserkov. This is the second visit to children of this institution.

01.23.2019 News

Muslim Women of Odessa organized “Halal Fair”

Sisters from Odessa branch of All-Ukrainian Muslim Women Association held a charity fair of Halal products.

01.16.2019 News

Master class by UMWA at the OUTLOOK festival 2018

On October 27, the Fifth OUTLOOK World Culture Festival 2018 was held in the Mystetskyi Arsenal, where embassies and diasporas of more than 35 countries took part.

10.29.2018 News

Autumn. Relaxation. Unity.

On October 17, activists of Kharkiv UMWA branch gathered to spend time in nature, analyze the work done during the quarter and form a development plan for the year.

10.19.2018 News

A Knowledgeable Muslim Woman Is a Guarantee Of Prosperous Community.

Traditional lectures for women, which take place every second Sunday of a month, resumed with the beginning of autumn. The acquisition of knowledge is the responsibility of both male and female. Ukrainian Muslim Women Association, in collaboration with the Islamic University, organizes individual and collective lessons for women on an ongoing basis. On September 9, […]

09.10.2018 News

Giving You Joy In Kurban Bayram

On August 22, activists of Ukrainian Muslim Women Association held actions for the holiday of Kurban Bayram in Kiev, Kharkov, Poltava, Kremenchug and several other cities.

08.29.2018 News

We pedal and unite the team

The Ukrainian Muslim Women Association besides being a regular organizer of educational lectures, conferences and a representative of Muslim women in state and non-state institutions, is also a friendly team of sisters.

07.12.2018 News

Muslim women celebrated the beginning of Ramadan

On the occasion of the beginning of the month of Ramadan, UMWA activists held flash mob on main streets of cities of Kiev, Kharkov, and Kremenchug on May 17.

07.06.2018 News